Don't worry hermit crabs, our 3D printers have got your back

There's a global shortage of hermit crab shells out there, forcing our crustacean friends to make new homes in trash such as bottles and shotgun shells. But our 3D printers are here to help!

MakerBot's Project Shellter is currently testing out new shell designs that they're trying on actual hermit crabs to see which ones work best. Once they decide on a final design, they'll be available for "domestic use" so there won't be as much need to harvest the shells from the wild.

From MakerBot:

We've set up a crab habitat, a crabitat, here at the Botcave in Brooklyn and Miles is setting up a crabitat in Los Angeles. We need help from the community to design shells so we can print them out and see if the hermit crabs like them. Can you design a shell that hermit crabs will like? We'll print them out here at the botcave, put them in the crabitats and see which designs the hermit crabs will move into.

Who says 3D printers are useless?

Project Shellter, via PopSci via The Daily What Geek

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