Gum that decomposes into powder could keep cities clean

Don't you hate it when you sit down at a table in a restaurant, and your hand happens to feel a big glob of used gum under the table? Finally there's a solution. Rev7 is the first chewing gum that has been engineered so that it's easy to remove, and even if left to sit, will eventually break down into a fine powder.

Cleaning gum from sidewalks is a major headache for cities, costing lots of time and money to clean up. In Singapore they got so sick of cleaning it up, that there is now a total ban on chewing gum sales and imports. Perhaps with Rev7, the people of Singapore will be able to chew again.

Most gum cannot absorb water at all, so when you toss it out it remains sticky and won't break down. The creators of Rev7 designed it to absorb just a little of your saliva as you chew it, and this means it won't adhere to surfaces well. If you drop it on the sidewalk, the blob can be swept up just like any piece of trash.

That sounds like a great way to deal with the gum, indeed. Now all they need is a place to put the wrappers.

Rev7 comes in peppermint and spearmint, and is available in convenience stores and supermarkets mostly in the Southeast and Midwest states. You can also order it from Rev7's online store, although that appears to be offline as I write this. If this stuff really works, perhaps all gum needs to be made this way.

Rev7 gum, via Treehugger

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