Crazy 'shoot now, adjust focus later' Lytro camera starts at $400

Remember that awesome Lytro camera that lets you take pictures now and adjust the focus later? Its design is finalized and its pricing is set. The Lytro look nothing like a typical camera, which is fine by us, since it doesn't take pics like one either.

The Lytro really is different. Aside from the fact that it can revolutionize photography by allowing you to change the depth of field of a picture in post-processing, the special little camera is housed inside of a rectangular box that's only 1.61 x 1.61 x 4.41-inches and weighs only 7.55 ounces.

We reckon people will be stumped at seeing Lytro users hold up their boxy cameras like a telescope.

It has an 8x optical zoom with a f/2 lens to take really detailed low-light photos and a 1.46-inch backlit glass touchscreen on the rear.

SD card and Compact Flash hoarders will be unhappy to know that the Lytro doesn't use any memory cards — it uses internal flash storage instead.

No info on how many megapixels the Lytro has, but it can produce "HD-quality interactive, living photos" in both 2D or 3D stills. Depending on the model, the Lytro can take either 350 or 750 of these special photos.

Pre-orders start at $400 for an 8GB Lytro (black or blue) and $500 for a 16GB (red only). Sure, the money can probably be better spent on compact mirrorless camera or a DSLR, but can either of those let you adjust a photo's focus hours later? Nope.

Lytro, via PC World

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