Corning's Lotus Gorilla Glass promises tougher, higher-res displays

Corning, maker of the super-strong Gorilla Glass that is featured on many touchscreen devices, has just given their flagship product an upgrade with Lotus Gorilla Glass.

Lotus Gorilla Glass will share the tough properties of the original with some new tricks. Mainly, it will allow for higher-res screens and faster touchscreen response times. In addition to that, it'll provide more "thermal and dimensional stability," which impacts the process of attaching the glass to the guts underneath. It's a subtle change, but it will make the glass more resilient on the design end of things, meaning the glass can accommodate "tighter design rules." Which is nice, right?

The fancy new glass is apparently already out there in production, so expect for it to improve the next generation or two of smartphones.

Via Ars Technica

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