Comparison: Artist pits photos against computer graphic replicas

For years, computer artists have been touting new computer game engines as capable of rendering photo-realistic scenes. Artist Kent Steely decided to see just how real a computer game engine could be used to render replicas of photos he took and the results aren't too bad. It's a close call, but we've still got a ways to go.

In the gallery you'll find a comparison between a real photo and its computer rendered twin. According to PetaPixel, Sheely made them inside of Garry's Mod — a sandbox physics game, with each photo taking 2-3 hours to model and create.

Granted there are more polished game engines out there such as Epic's next-gen Unreal Engine, what Steely's managed to squeeze out of the game engine is pretty good.

Can you spot the difference?

KentSheely, via PetalPixel

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