Clever dog food commercial cuts out the middle man (VID)

Those crazy ad men who are always looking for new ways to reach consumers have kicked it up a notch. Make that several notches. The latest European ad for Nestle's Beneful dog food contains a high-pitched sound that only dogs can hear.

Now, before you turn your nose up at the idea, consider that ad makers have been pushing products by all sorts of dubious means since the first apples made their way out of the garden and into a street bazaar. We've all heard claims that this or that product will make you smarter, stronger, sexier, quench your thirst more, brew a better pot of coffee or cure your dandruff. Or maybe and cure your dandruff.

Since humans can't hear exactly what the high-pitched whistle is actually saying to the dog, we'll just have to assume that it's full of promises for a healthy coat and never ending car rides. More likely however is the response the puppy parent will have when they see their pride and joy stop chasing their tail and start staring intently and longingly at the TV. It's friggin' magic — either that or Fido (or Nestle) have evolved so far they no longer need their human to pick out their food for them.

No matter how advertising companies think we're in the dark as to their heartfelt appeals to our basic instincts, at least they have faith in our dogs to move their product. They're probably not wrong as our "awww" meter is registering off the charts as we speak. Video below, though maybe make sure your dog isn't within earshot.

Via Adweek

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