Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360 without a hard drive looks pretty bad

It's Battlefield 3 launch day. Put that Call of Duty down and let's get fragging! But which version should you get? Aside from the PC version being superior in every way (can't beat it on graphics or controls) for most gamers, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are nearly identical, that is unless you don't have a hard drive on the latter.

Battlefield 3 developer DICE is warning Xbox 360 gamers that in order to get the full experience — HD graphics — a hard drive to install a 1.5GB "HD Texture Pack" will be needed.

If you own an Xbox 360 Arcade and still don't have a hard drive, and want to play Battlefield 3 with graphics that are more than "Standard Definition," now's the time to get one.

Why didn't DICE include the textures on the game disc? DVD disc size limitations. DICE simply couldn't fit the textures onto the disc.

Or if you have a PC or PS3 (it's good to have a hard drive standard isn't it?), just don't buy it for Xbox 360. The only thing you'd lose from the 360 version is Xbox Live.

See the comparison with and without the texture pack in the video below. It's a world of difference.

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