Asus and Acer prepping 15-inch fiberglass Ultrabooks for 2012

Ultrabooks, those super thin and light notebook computers that Intel and the rest of the PC world are pushing to combat Apple's MacBook Air are about to get a whole lot bigger next year — 15-inch screen big.

DigiTime reports that both Asus and Acer plan to release Ultrabooks with 15-inch screens and instead of aluminum bodies, they'll be built with fiberglass. DigiTimes estimates that using fiberglass will lower the manufacturing costs of Ultrabooks by $20.

Ultrabooks haven't even proven themselves to sell yet, and already companies are talking about bumping up the screen size. Also, how large can an Ultrabook's screen become before it no longer qualifies as an Ultrabook?

No biggie. We'd love a larger screen. The Air's 13.3-inch screen is already plenty, but a 15-inch screen Ultrabook without the 15-inch notebook weight would be heavenly.

Apple's also rumored to be working on its own 15-inch MacBook Air.

So it's decided then. 2012 will be the year of the 15-inch Ultrabooks — thin, light and powerful notebook computers without those clunky DVD and Blu-ray drives. We can't wait to see them.

DigiTimes, via Electronista

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