Art Lebedev's Svintus power strip looks like a mutant pig

When you buy a power strip, are you looking for something that'll fit under your desk and not draw attention to itself, or are you looking for a crazy bright pink thing that looks like some sort of twisted sculpture? If you said the latter, well, here you go.

Russian designer Art Lebedev's latest creation is the Svintus, which is a pig-like power "strip" covered in 17 snout-shaped outlets. That's certainly more than a normal power strip! And the design doesn't look like it's meant to hide under your desk collecting dust; this thing is meant to be displayed. Although it'll look much less pig-like once you've got a dozen things plugged into it.

It's merely a concept at the moment, but you may be able to buy one for yourself at some point.

Art Lebedev via Technabob

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