Apple fans around the world pay tribute to Steve Jobs

The news of the death of Steve Jobs hit the tech world hard, but it may have hit fans of Apple products even harder. As the news trickled out across the globe, spanning various time zones, Apple lovers spontaneously began to congregate at Apple stores in a number of countries in an amazing display of respect for the visionary business leader.

The gatherings were mostly unplanned and had no direct agenda other than to pay homage to the man who has done so much to change the way we live and compute. From San Francisco, to China, to Japan and Australia, thousands of people around the planet brought flowers and lit candles in front of the nearest Apple store in their city. It's quite rare to see such an outpouring of admiration for a businessperson, such tributes are usually reserved for fallen rock stars and political leaders.

But that's what distinguished Jobs. His work and legacy transcended the dull confines of common business and became an integral part of American and global popular culture. Through that lens, the worldwide tributes suddenly seem far less surprising. Below we've compiled a gallery of images from some of these heartfelt Apple store tributes.

Top photo of Apple store tribute in Hong Kong by williamli1983 on Flickr

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