Apple easily sells 4 million iPhone 4S in one weekend

Collecting 1 million iPhone 4S pre-orders was mighty impressive, but Apple's not done picking up new record awards. The company just announced it's sold over 4 million iPhone 4S since it officially went on sale on Friday.

Bloggers, journalists, analysts, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone fans have been waiting for the numbers all weekend and now it's official — the iPhone 4S is Apple's latest and greatest success.

The "S" in iPhone has been dubbed to stand for a number of things: Siri, speed, louder speaker and "superior" over iPhone 4, but it's pretty clear that the 4 stands for 4 million now.

By comparison, the iPhone 4 only sold 1.7 million — half as many in the same duration.

Here's a neat visual graph by MacStories on how the iPhone 4S launch sales compares to the previous iPhone ones:


Other impressive numbers include 25 million customers using iOS 5 and 20 million customers signing up for iCloud . It's not hard to believe, considering hungry iOS 5 fans nearly took the Internet down.

It seems Apple really didn't need an iPhone 5 this year despite a later than usual launch.

Via Apple

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