67 Halloween costume ideas for tech geeks

Decide what you're going to be for Halloween yet? I mean, no pressure or anything, but it's definitely time to start locking that down — especially if you want to roll up to a party in an outfit that cements you as the nerdiest of the nerdy. That means iPhone costumes with functional screens, going as Bobba Fett with a "working" jet pack, or dressing up your helpless kids, babies and pets all in a manner that's horrifying but secretly cool. And all that means serious planning, because you won't be able to make any of these in just a night.

So step inside and we'll help you brainstorm with 67 costume ideas for tech geeks from Halloweens past, pulling from a wide variety lists that were published here on DVICE.

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10 insanely expensive, supremely awesome tech costumes

By Adam Frucci

For many of us, Halloween is a chance to put on some zombie makeup, drink a bunch of beer and eat some candy. But for some people, it's a chance to make their most wild fantasies come true, in costume form, no matter what the cost in time or money. And those people come up with the most insane and kick-ass costumes ever. Let's see some of the best.



10 retro-gaming costumes for Halloween

By Addy Dugdale

Could the best Halloween costumes be the ones made by fans of old-school games? From titles as ubiquitous as Tetris to obscurities such as Day of the Tentacle, this list has it all. Just about the only one that's lacking here is Pong — although, dance too much in that nylon costume and you may well find yourself being batted away by anyone you get too close to.



8 Halloween costumes that defy reality

By Charlie White

Now we take you into the upper echelons of Halloween costumes, where optical illusions rule, the laws of physics are challenged, and the eye is tricked. Everybody knows a severed head can't talk, a grown man can't be born, and you can't see through a living person's belly. And yet, here, all those rules go right out the window.


9 Halloween costumes for tech-obsessed dogs

By Michael Trei

Can dogs be tech-obsessed? That's debatable, but their owners sure can be. While this typically means a getting a few fun gadgets to play with most of the time, there's one day of the year when these faithful pooches become the embodiment of their owners' lifestyle.



10 geeky, life-ruining costumes for kids

By Kevin Hall

Much like dogs in sweaters, kids don't always get to decide how they're dressed. This is doubly true on Halloween, when cruel parents can turn their beloved youngsters into anything at all. Typically this means cute animals or movie characters, but sometimes it means horrible, horrible lapses in reasonable Halloween attire.



10 best iPhone costumes

By Tony Kontzer

Halloween represents an opportunity to celebrate the iPhone in a unique way: in costume form. Here are 10 of the best, funnest and cleverest takes on iPhone attire. These folks really Dress Different, if only for one day a year.



10 mind-bogglingly awesome robot costume pictures!

By Charlie White

So you want to be a robot for Halloween? If you want to make yourself look truly scary, you have your work cut out for you. To construct an outfit that makes you appear to be fully mechanized, you might need the skills of a machinist, and to pull of the wearing of it, you'll need the grace and dexterity of a mime.


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