$220k in wall speakers could probably demolish the wall

Outrageously expensive speakers are nothing new to us here at Dvice, but normally they aren't the kind of thing you mount inside the wall. In wall speakers are usually kind of wimpy, but not these monsters from California Audio Technology that go for $110,000 per speaker.

Just to give the picture a little perspective, those three woofers on the right side are 22-inches across, dwarfing the 12-inch woofers in the line array to their left. The entire speaker is a five way system with ten drivers, and looks like it should deliver enough punch to physically knock down the wall they're mounted in.

CAT makes all kinds of crazy custom speakers for well-heeled audio enthusiasts, but it's hard to imagine dropping that much coin on some speakers, and then hiding them away in the wall.

CAT, via Born Rich

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