200-inch glasses-free HD display offers 3D TV that doesn't suck

Look, I'm just going to come out and say it: 3D TV is awful. And I'll tell you why it's awful: that "third dimension" that is supposed to justify everyone running out and buying expensive new 3D TVs is just not good enough. I want to be able to actually look around corners, and this massive new projector system makes that possible, glasses-free.

NITC has partnered with JVC Kenwood to create this massive 200-inch HD video wall. It's backed by a staggering 57 HD projectors, which might seem excessive, until you realize that each projector is displaying a slightly different image. Each one of these images was recorded from a slightly different angle, and by seamlessly projecting them onto a surface made up of special lenses and films, the resulting image is a 3D scene that you can actually walk around to get different views of. The affect comes through impressively in video, which you can check out below.

The viewing angle of this system is the big downside here at a meager 13 degrees. Increasing this angle will involve more projectors, since each addition to the viewing angle requires a separate display system. Also, recording the video is no easy task, since you need a separate camera for each perspective, which in this case means one camera every two centimeters.

So yeah, it's not going to be easy to shrink a system like this to fit a living room, but just imagine how this technology could totally and completely change your entertainment experience: every time you watch a movie, it would be totally different depending on where you're sitting. That, and depending on what's happening, you could move around and see entirely new details that you'd never seen before.

Via DigInfo

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