17-day time lapse uses 38,000 photos to capture a 'midnight sun'

Behold the power of a pair of high-end Canon DSLR cameras. This beautiful tranquil time-lapse video by filmmaker Joe Capra was shot in Iceland over 17 days for almost 24 hours and it captures the natural "midnight moon" — a natural occurrence where the sun never fully sets.

Shot in June with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 7D along with some lenses (nice ones I bet), Capra's adventure and time-lapse is nothing short of spectacular.

"During the Arctic summer, sunset was at midnight and sunrise was at 3am. The Arctic summer sun provided 24 hours a day of light, with as much as 6 hours daily of "Golden light". Once the sun had set it wouldn't even get dark enough for the stars to come out, and they don't start to reappear until August.

Iceland during the Midnight Sun is in sort of a permanent state of sunset. The sun never full sets and travels horizontally across the horizon throughout the night, as can be seen in the opening shot and at the :51 second mark in the video.

You can watch the video below. I'm convinced, I need to visit Iceland and see this midnight sun with my own two eyes before I die. Just amazing.

It goes without saying that you should fullscreen the video and make sure HD is flipped on to see the magnificent video in its fullest glory. Cranking up the volume or wearing earbuds helps too.

Via Vimeo

(Thanks, Kyle!)

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