12 gorgeous views of Earth from the International Space Station

The astronauts on the International Space Station have the best seats in the house, and here's 12 photos to prove it.

The fate of the ISS has been tumultuous at best since a Russian Soyuz resupply vehicle crashed, though another attempt will be made in November, whereby Expedition 29 will bring home the three astronauts currently aboard, and deliver a fresh trio to the station. If that doesn't work out? NASA may have to abandon the ISS temporarily or altogether.

Let's not think about that just yet, though. Let's just look at these amazing, calming pictures of our humble spaceship Earth.

We've pulled our favorites from a collection put together by our friends over at Love These Pics. LTP's photo collections aren't only about subjects relating to technology, either: you can see some gorgeous shots of Australia right here, or views from Spain's Holy Week here.

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Via Love These Pics

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