$10,000 tube amps just for headphones redefines outrageous

We love crazy audiophile gear at Dvice, and few audio products are as crazy as Jack Woo's Brooklyn NY built tube amps made just for driving headphones. Now Jack has topped himself, with his 234 mono amps, which are designed to make even the most difficult to drive headphones sing.

The 234 can be used with your choice of output tubes, including the 300B and 2A3 widely prized by audiophiles. Output power will depend somewhat on the tube chosen, but as Rolls-Royce used to say, power should be "adequate."

Each amp weighs about 60 pounds, so you're unlikely to use these with your iPod and white Apple earbuds for travel. I auditioned them at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver using the equally outrageous $1,500 Sennheiser HD800s shown in the picture, and the sound was quite heavenly.

The Woo Audio 234s will be available soon for just $10,000 a pair. Get in line now.

Via Woo Audio

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