10 wildly impressive cosplay costumes (and how they're made)

Halloween is a great excuse to eat too much candy and dress up like zombies, witches and ghosts. But for some people, it is also a chance to showcase their skills with handmade costumes that go above and beyond the call of costume duty. But there's another group of people beyond that. Those who take it a step further and really pull out all the stops, creating insane and gorgeous costumes that are faithful recreations of characters from movies, video games and comics. For them, costuming is a passionate hobby, one that keeps going all year long.

Here we've made an informal top 10 of cosplay costumes that caught our eye for how finely they're made, or how creative they are. We've reached out to the designers of each to find out how they were put together.

Special thanks to Cosplay.com, and excellent community for anyone into the hobby.

More Halloween Ideas:

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