YouTube now has ability to convert 2D videos into 3D ones

Quick! Somebody call James Cameron. YouTube's added a new feature that *gasp* converts 2D videos into 3D ones. Now, we can all watch that Nyan Cat in three freakin' dee. Joy.

We've said it plenty of times before and we'll say it again — NO. The survival of 3D cannot depend on 2D content converted into 3D, much like HD couldn't become the new standard by allowing pseudo upscaled standard definition to be pawned off as real HD.

To get great 3D, you have to go out and shoot in 3D and think with 3D shots in mind. It's a new process, but that's the same for any new format. You just can't shoehorn stuff in.

Yes, YouTube's gesture does give 3D hardware owners a significant boost in available content to watch, but it's not going to be good content. We put up with the clunky 3D glasses because the 3D experience offers something worth wearing them for, not to see some girl rapping about the awful changes in the Star Wars Blu-ray set.

On a better note, YouTube's incorporating the well-received Magisto into its editing features. Sayonara, late night hours editing cat videos, I won't miss ya.

YouTube, via TC Magazine

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