You'll soon be able to pick up your Amazon packages at 7-Eleven

Word on the street is that Amazon is testing out something new in Seattle. No, we're not talking about the Kindle tablet. We're talking about lockers at 7-Eleven mini marts that'll let online shoppers pick up their packages while they grab a hot dog instead of waiting for the UPS man at home.

How do these work? With a touchscreen and security pin, of course. Presumably, Amazon customers will be able to ship their goodies to the 7-Eleven lockers and access the boxes via a pin number supplied with their order notification email.

Although Amazon has yet to confirm they're testing out these new lockers, The Daily also reported last week that the drop-off lockers are definitely undergoing trials.

As a victim of lost packages and delivery theft, I could definitely see the need for a system like this. Or, if you're not home to sign for your packages, this could be a great way to solve that problem.

While there aren't many 7-Elevens out here in NYC, we think Amazon locker kiosks would be an excellent addition to the convenience stores. Now, we're eyeballing this, but based on the "spyshots" of the locker, we don't think you'll be able to order anything like a 60-inch HDTV and expect it to fit in there.

GeekWire, via GeekyGadgets

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