World's most expensive toy car model costs $4.8 million

How many of us will ever be able to afford a Lamborghini Aventador? I'd wager, not many. Now, how many of you think you can afford this toy model of a Lamborghini Aventador that's worth 12 times the cost of the real life-sized car? Yep, this is one excessive and expensive toy car.

German artist Robert Gülpen's 1:8 scale Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 car model is made from all carbon fiber, platinum, gold and diamonds. It'll be auctioned off for $4.8 million or can be purchased immediately for about $6.17 million.

In case you're rusty on your math, that's a lot of money — its starting auction, 12 times that of a genuine Aventador, which costs about $370,000-400,000. The only way to afford one these car models is if you're filthy rich, or filthy stinkin' rich.

Gülpen claims the model took 500 hours to create and is meticulously crafted down to the littlest details. We can definitely tell that he paid close attention to it, considering the car model will even be encased in a bulletproof glass case for its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show later this month.

Chiemgau-online, via Oddity Central

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