World's first '8k4k HDTV' gets a release date, sort of

Many companies show off outlandish technologies at trade shows just to get attention, and I guess I fell victim to the ploy. Maybe you would, too: Sharp showed an 8k4k HDTV — that's an 85-inch, 7680-by-4320-pixel display — 16 times the resolution of today's 1080p sets, and approaching if not passing the theoretical resolution of 35mm film (which, of course, has no pixels).

You may not be able to tell by the photo, but man, did this give one silky smooth picture. Yowsa.

Everyone in the booth got up real close and personal to see if they could actually see the pixels. You couldn't. (Get close to your current HDTV and you will.)

So when will we be able to purchase this truly (not hyperbolically) film-like display? Maybe a decade from now. The actual next HDTV evolutionary step is so-called 4k2k, with eight times the current 1080p resolution, which have been demo'd often in the last couple of years. Toshiba showed an 8k4k (3840 by 2160 pixels) Quad FHD (Full High Def) set its says will be the first one to go on sale, but no details were forthcoming.

But apparently the 2012 Olympic games in London will be shot in 8k (along with 3D), so by the time we get the 8k, we'll have something beautiful and athletic to watch.

Posted hands-on at IFA in Berlin.

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