World's tallest iPod dock is only reachable by ladder

It looks like 1970s synth music legend Jean Michel Jarre has a new line of work, making some of the world's most outrageous iPod docks. So what better way to promote his new venture than by creating the world's tallest, and most expensive iPod dock?

You need a ladder to install your iDevice in the 11 foot tall AeroDream One, which makes it a little impractical if your iPhone happens to ring while it's plugged in. But when you consider that it costs as much as a really nice house, I expect most potential owners will have no problem springing for a separate iPod just for their AeroDream One.

The 870 pound monster doesn't skimp in the audio department either. With five drivers including an 18-inch subwoofer, and 10,000 watts of power on tap, it should do a pretty good job of filling just about any space with sound.

Available in white, black or chrome, the AeroDream One will set you back a cool 399,000 Euros (about $562,000), and even at that price, it doesn't come with a single encrusted diamond or Swarovski crystal.

The good news is that for the rest of us there is the more sensible 43-inch AeroSystem One, it runs a relatively reasonable sounding $1200.

Jarre Technologies, via New Launches

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