Windows 8 is a speed demon, boots up in eight seconds

Time is money. We've all heard the phrase before, and if you're sitting around waiting for your PC to start up, you're wasting precious time, whether it's for work or play. Microsoft claims Windows 8 start up in eight seconds. Hoorah!

According to Microsoft, "57 percent of desktop users and 45 percent of laptop users shut down their machines rather than putting them to sleep. Overall, half of all users shut down their machines rather than putting them to sleep."

Thus, it needed to speed up the time it takes for a PC to go from off to home desktop. What it's achieved is an eight second boot up, which is insanely fast, but be warned, it's also a fresh OS, not bogged down by apps, customizations, tweaks, etc.

When it comes to Windows, it's been flogged as a boot up turtle. A cleansing of Window's login items and replacing a hard drive with an SSD does help quite a bit, but the latter is an expensive solution and the former is somewhat of a chore.

Microsoft says PCs that run Windows 8 will boot up 30-70 percent faster. We'll take it, but it's not like we haven't seen Windows 7 PCs boot up in seven seconds before.

Still, a fast start up is a fast start up, and that's a win for every Windows user who has ever wanted to fling their keyboard or kick their PC because it crawls.

Challenging Apple And Google's Speed

Windows 8's zippy boot up times are going to effectively put Apple and Google on alert. With OS X Lion and its MacBook Air line, Apple's notebooks have some of the fastest cold restart times (my MBA is up and running in under 15 seconds).

Google also trumpets its Chromebooks as having eight second boot ups. If Windows 8 launches with the same speediness that Microsoft is boasting about now, then, at least, its competitors will no longer have fast start ups to boast about.

MSDN Blogs, via TheNextWeb

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