Wearable Japanese vibrators simulate the feeling of getting shot

On one hand, if you've never been shot or stabbed, that's probably a good thing. On the other hand, how are you supposed to enjoy video games when you can't experience the deadly blows that your character experiences? This vibrating gadget from Japan can make it happen.

When two separate points on your skin are stimulated (i.e. touched) in the same way at the same time, it can sometimes feel like the space in between those two points is being touched at the same time, even if it isn't. A research group at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan has taken advantage of this "phantom sensation" and created a device that can be used to simulate the feeling of an object passing through your body.

By strapping two vibrating motors to the top and bottom of your hand, this gadget can make you feel like a ball (or whatever) is falling straight through your hand and out the other side by carefully changing the frequency and intensity of the vibrations. If the motors get cranked up high enough, the researchers think that they can even simulate the feeling of being shot or stabbed, and they've provided this helpful graphic to illustrate the concept:


While you obviously can't experience this for yourself without either owning this device or stabbing yourself,* the video below might give you a little bit of vicarious enjoyment.

Via DigInfo

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