Video: This is why you'll want a 3D printer for Christmas

Robot Santa's going to be busy this year. With all the shiny new gadgets he needs to deliver, his elves will have it hard. You want one toy? Pfft. What you want is a whole elf workshop of your own — a place that pumps out unlimited amounts of toys — or at least, something similar. That's a 3D printer.

The ultimate present this year is a 3D printer — a machine that makes, err, "prints" toys. Who needs to keep asking for gifts from people, when you can print some new ones whenever you want to?

We've already rounded up the six most affordable 3D printers you can buy right now, but here's a taste of the printers in action, because photos can only excite you so much.

Via Maker Faire

Music by Marcello Tebaldi via BeatsRoyaltyFree

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