Video of the Day: original Star Wars trilogy playing side by side

You've never seen the original Star Wars trilogy like this before — all three, playing at once, side by side. Three times the Darth Vader and three times the lightsaber battles equals an explosion of R2-D2 circuits.

Why would anybody make such a crazy video? According to the video's description, YouTube user "redstarfutbol" created the video medley as a "comparison art project" and is "not trying to steal anything from Mr. Lucas."

It's a crazy overload of sci-fi imagery and sounds, but if you manage to watch the entire thing, we must praise you. So far, the reactions to the video range from great:

Having seen each movie maybe a hundred times in my life, I sincerely feel this is the best way for me to enjoy them now. -Rorssi

to confused:

I dont get it... What should I be seeing? -kylemaco

to amazed:

I find it scary how I can follow all three of these simultaneously. - stephenpaulqueen

to convenient:

I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies. That saves me much time. Thank you! :-) -NetzBlogR

Looks like a hit to me, if George Lucas and his legal team don't order it taken down. You can watch the "comparison art project" in all of its entirety below (full-length, 2 hours and 11 minutes).

UPDATE: And the video's been pulled. :(

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YouTube, via BuzzFeed and NerdApproved

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