Transcend's working on USB drives with 2TB of storage

Back in the day a 2GB flash drive was huge. It stored all your word documents and spreadsheets, with enough room for a bunch of photos. These days, our digital lives need to be high capacity and portable. Transcend's got a solution: 2TB USB 3.0 flash drives. Yes, please!

According to a Transcend video taped at the Display Taiwan 2011 technology show, 2TB could be on their way. Although the demo USB drive was only 16GB, Transcend and Industrial Technology Research Institute say it's possible to fit all that storage onto a drive no longer than a human thumb and only a hair thicker than a penny.

We've seen Lexar's 128GB SD cards and Victorinox's 256GB SSD flash drives before, but a 2TB flash drive would completely go over the top — not to mention be super expensive. While Transcend and ITRI might have the tech to shrink storage down to size, we don't think it'll be ready for mass production anytime soon.

It's not hard to imagine that once this stuff does make it to market with affordable prices, we'll all be backing up our hard drives to these mini drives (if cloud based backups haven't completely taken over).

YouTube, via ComputerWorld

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