Tornado-proof home ducks underground to evade twisters

From the architects at 10 Design in Hong Kong comes a radical vision for how a building could be made to stand up to Mother Nature's twisty home-wreckers: by lowering itself into the ground and out of the way. It doesn't hurt that it's got a sci-fi sleekness about it, either.

Ted Givens, a design partner at 10 Design, told Co.Design's Belinda Lanks how he saw the house operating:

His answer is a house with a set of hydraulic levers that, when activated by high-velocity winds, pulls the house into the ground to safety. Once collapsed, the roof locks to make the structure both water and wind proof. The outer skin is composed of clear insulation sandwiched between two layers of Kevlar, providing a weather barrier that also lets in diffuse light.

Givens sees whole communities of the oddly shaped structures in his mind's eye — communities that would be wired up with sensors, process weather data and then disappear underground in seconds if a threat was detected. Really, even without the tornado-dodging feature, it wouldn't take much convincing to get us to live in one of these futuristic households. They look cool enough on their own.

See more of 10 Design's Tornado Proof House in the gallery and animation below.

10Design, via Co.Design, via Inhabitat

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