Tiny Evolta robot prepares to tackle a 140-mile triathlon

Panasonic's tiny Evolta robot is now fully recovered from its grueling drive in the Le Mans 24 hour race, and will now take on an even tougher challenge, completing a 140-mile-long triathlon.

Evolta the robot was developed to promote Panasonic's rechargeable batteries that go by the same name, so the 140 mile race will be run entirely using just three Evolta AAs. The event will follow Hawaii's legendary Ironman Triathlon course, consisting of a 2.4-mile ocean swim, a 112-mile bike ride, followed by a 26.2-mile full marathon length run. While the best human athletes can complete the course in a little over eight hours, Evolta is being given a week to move its tiny little legs that distance.

Developer Tomotaka Takahashi says that the swim presents the biggest challenge, with huge ocean swells and tides that threaten to swallow up the tiny robot at any moment. For the run Evolta will be inside what looks kind of like a rolling hamster wheel, while the bike appears to have training wheels, something I doubt they would allow in the human version.

The race kicks off on October 23, just a couple of weeks after humans race around the same course. That's cool, but if I were in charge, I would give Evolta a one week head start to try and set up a human vs. robot battle to the finish line.

I wonder if that pink drum beating bunny will show up?

Panasonic, via Cnet

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