This touchscreen printer concept shows why today's printers suck

It's not easy to get get excited for a printer, unless it's a 3D printer, in which case we're running around the room screaming our heads off. But Artefact's "See What You Print" concept is so ingenious, it makes us wonder why nobody's thought of it already.

Instead of prepping photos and prints on your computer screen and then sending them to a printer, the SWYP actually shows you exactly how a print will appear on paper on its screen. Using its touchscreen, you can even arrange elements in various layouts. Something like this could seriously revolutionize print media.

Does the name Artefact ring a bell? It should, because it's the same design peeps behind the WVIL concept camera. Somebody toss a suitcase of cash their way okay? The cheap inkjet printers that sit in most people's homes need to die.

Flipping through the gallery, it feels fitting that if a printer like were ever to see the light of day, some crazy company like Bang & Olufsen would probably produce one. And you know what? I'd buy one.

Artefact, via Fubiz

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