This raincoat turns rain into clean drinkable water on the go

Never go thirsty ever again. Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble's "Raincatch" raincoat isn't your everyday poncho. The "Raincatch" collects rain and then purifies it, allowing wearers to drink that delicious water from the heavens.

In cleaner regions of the world, rain may very well be cleaner and drinking it might not even be a questionable matter, but in today's polluted skies, you wouldn't catch me drinking any of that stuff.

Noble and Yang's Raincatch looks like a huge black garbage bag with a series of little tubes that filter the collected rain "through charcoal filters and chemically purifies it."

According to Yang's video, "the water is stored around the shoulders of the coat and in pockets around the inside of the coat." Not sure how much rain can be collected, but the idea certainly seems interesting, mixing fashion with a cleaning tech.

While I don't think I'll be running out in the rain all the time just to get drinkable water, a raincoat like this could be useful in highly polluted areas with limited resources to water purification systems.

Vimeo, via FashioningTech

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