This app lets you literally shake your Mac to 'undo changes'

One great thing about the wonderful world of apps is it lets developers create basically anything they can dream up. Fart apps? Sure. Angry Birds? OK. But physically shaking your Mac to undo mistakes? That's a new one.

Nate Stedman's Mac app is a fun little gag that might or might not be useful, depending on your level of computer literacy. It's just like the "shake to undo" function found in many iPhone apps — basically a replacement for the keyboard shortcut of "CMD + Z," which lets you undo the last action.

Type a whole line of text? Shake your Mac to undo. Added a bunch of layers to a Photoshopped image and it's not coming out quite right? Shake your Mac to undo.

The app works by triggering a MacBook's hard drive motion sensors — sensors used to detect when the laptop is in motion, so it can keep your hard drive platters stabilized.

With the "Shake-to-Undo" app, frustrated computer users will actually get something out of smacking their MacBooks around.

WARNING: It's not recommended that you shake your MacBoook and its hard drive repeatedly. This might lead to data loss and hard drive failure. Use the app at your own risk.

What the app is is a funny gag. Maybe install it on a friend's Mac for next year's April Fool's Day!

Github, via TUAW

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