The ultimate lie blocker: magnetic pulses

All this time, we've been tinkering with lie detectors and physical pressure to force people into telling the truth — all for nothing. A new study suggests that magnetic stimulation to a special part of the brain can force subjects to tell the truth.

Two Estonian researchers are claiming they've successfully used magnetic stimulation to the "dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in the front of the brain" to lower chances of telling lies.

In their small 16-person study, made up of volunteers, Inga Karton, and Tails Bachmann found out that those "who had their left DPC stimulated lied more often, while the ones with the right DPC stimulated were more likely to tell the truth."

IBT carefully notes that the study sample is indeed very very small, but asserts that "the sense of right and wrong is based not only on social constructs such as cultural or religious beliefs, but rather our brain mechanisms."

We remain skeptic as to how effective magnetic pulses really are on a large scale and await studies with larger sample groups. Something like this could change questioning witnesses in court, forever. Now, that would be something.

IBT, via Slashdot

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