The design behind Nike's Back to the Future 'MAG' kicks

Marty McFly's "MAG" sneakers are real — sans the power laces, but that's alright, because the kicks still light up, and all proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to continue its search for a Parkinson's disease cure. Ever wonder how Nike designed the sneakers? This video explains it all.

Tinker Hatfield, Nike's VP Design & Innovation designed the MAG — short for magnet. According to Frank Mashall, Back to the Future II's executive producer, the sneakers were designed for a specific scene and that was the one where Marty rides his hoverboard. In order to replicate the motion of kicking the hoverboard, he needed sneakers with "anti-gravity magnetic powers."

While the sneakers that were unveiled by Nike last week don't actually have the magnetic powers or the power laces, Hatfield says it's not impossible to believe that by 2015, powerlacing sneakers could still become a reality. We've got our fingers crossed — again.

Just in case you do want to buy a pair of the Nike MAG sneakers, you can hit up the eBay auction page here. It's for a good cause, and you'll bag a pair from the limited run of 1,500 sneakers.

YouTube, via Hypebeast

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