The Megapad is a ridiculous 23-inch Android 'tablet'

How big is too big when it comes to a tablet? 12 inches, maybe? How about 23 inches? Because that's how big the Megapad is.

Yes, essentially this is a 23-inch screen that's been turned into an Android tablet for about $600 by one enterprising modder. It looks to be very bulky and like it's sort of a pain to use, seeing as it's really a monitor meant to sit on a desk. But I guess if you want an all-in-one that you can pick up and carry over to the should get a laptop. In fact, I'm not sure this thing could even really be carried around, as it may need to stay plugged in.

There are already all-in-ones out there with touchscreens, but this feels like the worst of both worlds: underpowered with limited ways of controlling it, but big and non-mobile as well. No thanks.

Martin Drashkov via Gizmodo

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