The feds have a secret stinger missile stash somewhere in NYC

New York City's police commissioner made news last weekend when he claimed that the NYPD had the capability to bring down a plane. That was impressive enough, but now comes word that the feds have heat-seeking stinger missiles ready to go in Manhattan that could bring down a large passenger jet.

Following last week's 60 Minutes broadcast, the NYPD clarified that their firepower was just about enough to bring down an anthrax or dirty bomb carrying single engined plane, but not a big passenger jet. Now investigative reporter Murray Weiss at DNA Info says it is the feds who have the real firepower, including shoulder fired stinger missiles.

Weiss even claims that there was already a stinger missile kept in the World Trade Center on September 11, but it was only there to protect the president whenever he was in town.

Just where they keep the stash remains a mystery, but I'm guess that considering what happened 10 years ago, they aren't putting everything in one spot this time.

DNA Info, via Gizmodo

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