Studios to stop paying for 3D glasses, passing the cost on to you

Going to see a 3D movie is already a pricier proposition than seeing a traditional movie, but it looks like it might get more expensive. You see, studios have been footing the bill for the 3D glasses they hand out in theaters. But that's about to change.

Sony has made the decision that, as of next May, they'll no longer be paying for those glasses. Since movie theaters have no interest in paying for them either, that means that the cost will be passed on to you, the consumer having 3D shoved down their throats. Look for ticket prices for 3D movies to go up a bit because of it.

Hopefully this'll just keep pushing 3D down towards irrelevance. Remember: if you don't like 3D movies, see the 2D version instead. There's no better way to send a message to studios that you aren't interested in something than by going out of your way to not pay for it.

Hollywood Reporter via Consumerist

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