Starz to pull all Sony, Disney movies from Netflix Instant

Bad news for Netflix: Starz has said that it's not renewing its huge content deal with Netflix, meaning that they'll be yanking all Sony and Disney movies from the streaming service next February.

It's not great news for Netflix, who's been trying to get Starz signed onto a new contract for a long time now. Instead, Starz thinks it can get more people to sign up for its third-tier premium cable channel by cutting off Netflix. Yeah, good luck with that.

There's still time for Netflix to offer up a chunk of money large enough for Starz to change its mind, but it doesn't look good. But Netflix has been adding content from other sources, such as CBS, and has started investing in original programming, so don't count them out. But this certainly is a big kick in the pants for everyone who loves Netflix's streaming service. Blame Starz.

Via All Things D

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