Star Wars in origami is more refreshing than the revised Blu-rays

Star Wars has lost its ways. George Lucas, once a great visionary continues to muddle with the classics, adding in unnecessary "Nooo" lines for Darth Vader. Sadly, this stop-motion video ad for Moleskine notebooks is actually quite a refreshing take on a Star Wars space fight — trading in CGI for origami.

We're huge fans of stop-motion video and this clever advert by Moleskine is no exception. It's barebones, but it captures an X-Wing crashing into a TIE fighter perfectly.

My only quip is that Moleskine didn't take this origami Star Wars idea further and expand it to include lightsabers and a Death Star. For that, I'm looking to the fan community to realize it. The first one to remake the entire original Star Wars film in origami form gets a medal from us.

YouTube, via GeeksAreSexy

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