Splitfish FragFX bridges the gap between PC and console

Many fans of the first-person shooter swear that they just can't get he same accuracy from a console controller than they can from a mouse. Those thumbsticks just aren't precise enough! Well, the Splitfish FragFX aims to solve that problem.

This two-part controller is a strange hybrid of mouse and Xbox 360 controller. There's a wireless mouse with Xbox buttons on it, and then there's a strange nunchuk-like thing with a thumbstick and D-pad and some more buttons. Essentially, you'll hold that in your left hand and the mouse in the other, and you've got the best of both worlds.

It certainly looks like it'll take some getting used to, but it might just work. For PC gamers who want to try some console games without sacrificing their precious mouse, this might be just the ticket.

Splitfish via Gizmodo

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