Smart shirt monitors the vital signs of hospital patients

Hospitals are not a fun place to be. Even if you are in pretty good shape, they tend to wire you up to monitors that make it impossible to get out of the bed. This shirt can help to make hospital life a bit more bearable, by embedding all of the monitoring systems in a way that lets you move around.

The shirt's monitoring sensors keep track of the patient's heart rate and temperature, and can even be configured to run an EKG test by remote. All of the data is sent via a wireless connection to a central monitoring station, where staff can keep an eye on things.

With this new found freedom from being wired up, patients might go wandering around the hospital, so a GPS unit lets the staff know where the patient is at any time. An accelerometer even lets them know whether the patient is running, walking, standing or lying down, so they'll know what they're up against.

Developed by a team at Spain's Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the shirt is currently being tested in a hospital environment, but they expect further developments will enable it to be used by patients in the home, freeing up valuable hospital bed space.

UC3M, via Engadget

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