Samsung concept shows how a flexible phone could really work

Bendy concept phones are a dime a dozen — not that we mind that, really. But designer Heyon You's proto-phone, the Samsung Galaxy Skin, pays attention to how its flexible form would inform the phone's interface, and the end result is a twisty handset you could actually imagine using.

The various technologies employed by the Galaxy Skin aren't even all that out-there. Samsung has a working prototype of the AMOLED display that could make this a reality. Phone-sized projectors? Check. And, of course, there's always a touchscreen within reach these days. The phone's bending body also means that it can contort into all kinds of different positions and as such be used in various ways: as a GPS guide for your dashboard, as a set of speakers, a projector and even a watch.

Get up close with Heyon You's design yourself down in the gallery below.

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Yanko Design, via Reg Hardware, via Coolest Gadgets

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