Samsung pulls the Galaxy 7.7 from its display at IFA

Just two days after it was unveiled with much fanfare at the IFA show in Berlin, Samsung has removed all traces of the Galaxy 7.7 tablet from their display.

Not only were the demo tablets gone, but all Galaxy Tab 7.7 signage, posters, and display tables were hastily covered up with white sheets.

While Samsung representatives were keeping their lips tightly sealed about the reason behind the hasty removal, they did make it clear that the move was a voluntary one on Samsung's part, and not something ordered by a court.

With nobody talking it's hard to say what's up, but it seems a good bet that this is connected to the ongoing spat between Samsung and Apple. Samsung is already banned from selling the Galaxy 10.1 in the IFA show's host country Germany, and now it looks like Apple might be trying to expand that ban to cover the new 7.7.

Via Slashgear

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