Rumor: Amazon in 'serious negotiations' to buy webOS

Ever since HP killed off the webOS hardware, the future of the mobile platform has remained shrouded in mystery. VentureBeat is reporting that Amazon might buy webOS from HP. But what about that new Android-powered Kindle Fire?

The question has been "Who's going to buy webOS?" Samsung was rumored to be interested, but it later shot those purported claims down.

VentureBeat's "well-placed sources" say that Amazon is in "serious negotiations" to buy the webOS platform.

Why would Amazon, who just revealed its Kindle Fire, an Android-powered device, care about webOS? Well, because Android can be easily cracked open, rooted and content can be pirated across the galaxy. But that's not really Amazon's concern. In fact, it knows that people will root its Kindle Fire and is just shrugging it off.

While no platform is pirate-proof (where there is will, there is a way), getting a tighter grip on a platform of its own seems inevitable. If Amazon wants to be the iPad in the 7-inch tablet market, it'll need to offer the sort of PIM features (email, calendar, etc.) that most mobile devices already offer — something the Kindle Fire doesn't have (but an update is supposed to add).

Multitasking is also important. Not sure how the Kindle Fire handles that. But if Amazon had webOS, you can bet good money that the platform's fantastic "cards" system will remain intact in some form.

And although everybody seems excited for the 7-inch Kindle Fire, there's still talk that Amazon's working on that 10.1-inch model. Maybe it's all meaningless chatter, but it's worth noting that ex-Palm CEO and current HP executive Jon Rubenstein sits on the HP board and thinks that Amazon and webOS would "make a great partner" because it shares "a lot of characteristics that would help it expand the webOS ecosystem."

Who else is left? Sony? Aha. Microsoft? It's too busy adding squares to every platform it has. Acer, HTC, Asus and all those little guys? Nah. LG? Hmm...

Venture, via Forbes

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