Rumor: Making phone calls in Windows 8 is a possibility

Windows 8 is starting to look better and better with each passing day. Long Zheng from iStartedSomething claims that Windows 8 might have the ability to make and receive phone calls, baked directly in. Ready to start calling mom from your huge tablet?

A "Missed Calls" tile from a BUILD 2011 slide and a "Call mobile" label in the "People" app in Windows Live is heating up discussion that Microsoft will build native VoIP or, realistically — Skype — directly into Windows 8. I mean, the company did drop $8.5 billion in cash to buy Skype out in May.

Zheng speculates that any Windows 8-powered device with a microphone could theoretically be used to place and receive voice calls, without requiring any third-party apps.

I already use Skype to place VoIP calls with my family overseas, but this would just bring it to the next level. Neither party would have to have Skype open in order to receive calls. And neither party would have to pay extra to call a real number. So long as both computers or tablets are on, making direct calls with each other would break down the technical barriers of VoIP further.

This is one rumor that makes sense to actually come true. Make it a reality Microsoft. Make it so that even Grandma doesn't need to set up a Skype account. Just do it!

Via iStartedSomething

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