RED Digital developing a video projector that has frikkin' lasers

RED Digital shook up the world of digital cinematography when they introduced their RED One digital camera a few years ago. So word that they are ready to release a laser driven video projector has people in the high-end digital theater world talking.

As is usual with RED, there was no official press release, just a few cryptic words from RED founder Jim Jannard on the company's blog Reduser. He quotes a couple of industry professionals who were given a sneak peak, and responded using words like "beyond stunning" and comparing it to a "giant moving Cibachrome."

As you scroll further through the thread, Jannard responds to various bits of speculation with a few more details. The projector does not use a DLP chip, so its engine must be quite different from Mitsubishi's laser driven LaserVue DLP rear projectors. As with the RED One camera, the projector boasts 4K resolution, so it should be plenty sharp even when you blow it up on a massive screen. It will have passive 3D capability. And finally, they are aiming it at both the home and professional markets, with a launch date that's "sooner rather than later."

What this all translates to in terms of real money and availability is yet to be determined, but I'm sure Dr Evil will want one for his home theater lair.

RedUser, via TechCrunch

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