Real Tron Light Cycle is back and it's all electric, baby!

With all that neon in Tron, it's difficult to picture Light Cycles guzzling up gasoline in the Grid. The Parker Brothers have returned with an all-electric model of their replica Tron Light Cycle that can be driven for 100 miles on a 15-35 minute charge. Impressive!

The electric Light Cycle is powered by a 96-volt electric motor charged up by lithium batteries. It's not street legal like its predecessor, but the Parker Brothers are said to be working on that.

The Parker Brothers claim the bike can also hit speeds of 100 MPH. Honestly, judging from the video, we're not sure anyone would survive a ride on the Light Cycle at that speed.

Pricing and release are TBA. Not that it matters, because we know it's going to be pricey, seeing as the original gasoline bike went for $35,000. If you're still hung up on Tron: Legacy, this is the perfect video to make you go gaga.

YouTube, via NerdApproved

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