Real Starship Troopers Powered Suit is as badass as it sounds

If you consider yourself a hardcore fan of the Starship Troopers universe, you might be interested to know that Japan put together its own anime version called Starship Troopers OVA. Now one fan has taken one of the series' most iconic pieces of tech and made it real.

Using the design of original artists, Izubuchi Yutaka and Katou Naoyuki of Studio Nue, the sculptor crafted a life-sized metal version of the Powered Suit that looks deliciously menacing in its old school mech glory. If this were operational, the wearer probably wouldn't have to fire a shot, intimidation being the suit's greatest weapon. You can check out the original designs of the suit here, and see a clip of the original anime depicting the Powered Suit in the video below.

Via Toyboxdx

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