Razer crowdsources its design for new Xbox 360 fighting stick

Designing gaming hardware is hard. The end-product can swing both ways — either pleasing fans, or ticking them all off. Razer's plan is to build the best Xbox 360 arcade fighting stick on the planet and it's recruiting everyday gamers like you and I, to help with the design process.

The call for help will be a "closed community beta program." Razer says it's already worked with pro-gamers to design a prototype (that chunky fella you see above and below) and the next step is to get feedback from actual buyers.


Companies usually invite regular folk in to beta test their products, but usually don't publicly ask for help designing their next product. I recently purchased the Limited Edition Tekken 6 bundle from Amazon that comes with a wireless Hori fighting stick and I have to say, it leaves much to be desired.

For $35, I got my money's worth with it, but it'll be interesting to see if Razer can tweak the joystick sensitivity and button depression to suit all kinds of fingers and hands. It's a very tough thing to do.

Feel like you're up to the challenge to give Razer your two cents on how to build cutting-edge arcade stick? Hit the link below and sign up now. We'll reserve judgment as to whether the stick is "For gamers. By Gamers" when we see and play with the final product.

Via Razer

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